The Plymouth House - Daily Schedule

The Plymouth House offers a full daily schedule (subject to change):

6:30-8:15am BREAKFAST (optional)
7am-8:45am Yoga (optional)
8am Goals Group
8:30am Meditation/Chapel (optional)
9:15am Reflections
10:15am Big Book Group I & II (assigned)
12pm LUNCH
1:30-2:30pm Guest Led Group
2:30-4:30pm Big Book Group (assigned)
2:30-3:30pm Inventory Workshop (optional)
3:00-5pm Lounges, Fitness, Telephone
3:45-5:15pm Hike (optional)
5:30pm DINNER
6:00-7:00pm Lounges, Fitness, Telephone
6:15-7pm Inventory Workshop (optional)
7:15-9:15pm Outside AA meeting
7:15-9:15pm Big Book (assigned)
9:30pm Wrap-Up Group
10-11pm Lounges, Fitness, Telephone
11:30pm Lock-Up Goodnight

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