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We are happy that you made the decision to come to The Plymouth House, a recovery retreat dedicated to teaching the Twelve Step Program.

Within the first few days of your arrival, you will be assigned a staff member as your contact person. Although you will be working with different staff at different times, your assigned staff member will be responsible for the needs of you and your family for the duration of your stay. Please know that the entire staff of The Plymouth House is totally committed to your recovery.

We ask that you read the following information carefully. It fully explains our policies and procedures.

Table of Contents:
Topics appear in alphabetical order.

Conduct Violations
Discharge Procedure
Dress Code
Emergency Procedures
Length of Stay/Extensions
Medical/Dental Needs
Meeting Attendance/Behavior
Nighttime Rules/PM Staff
Room Policy
Sexual Relations Policy
Spending Money
Store Run/Purchasing Items
Telephone Calls
Using Policy

  • Linens. Upon admission, The Plymouth House will provide you with a full set of linens, which you will be responsible for maintaining throughout your stay.
  • Cleanliness. We ask that you keep your room neat throughout the day. This means bed made, floor clear of clutter, and closets closed. Please be considerate of your roommates.
  • Cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies are located in each room. If you need to replace cleaning supplies, or need a vacuum, toilet paper, etc., please ask a monitor for assistance.
  • Room checks/Community clean. A staff person will check the rooms once a day. There will also be a weekly community clean during which you and your roommates are responsible for doing a full cleaning of your room.
  • Bathroom/shower. Please be respectful of your roommates. Keep the bathroom clean at all times and use the shower caddy provided. Please wipe any excess water off the floor after your shower.

  • Walking/Jogging on property. If you wish to walk or jog, please stay within the boundaries of the property and do not be alone with a member of the opposite sex. (See our sexual relations policy.)
  • Yoga. Yoga class times are posted on the daily schedule. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. A yoga mat will be provided.
  • Hiking. We are fortunate to be located in an area rich in hiking opportunities. Hikes will be posted and announced. Please wear seasonally appropriate clothing. A comfortable pair of sneakers or boots is recommended. Hikes will vary in difficulty; please ask staff if a particular hike is appropriate for your capability. We will provide bottled water and snacks.
  • Exercise room. An exercise room is located in the lounge building. Use exercise equipment at your own risk. Please do not be alone in the exercise room with a member of the opposite sex. (See our sexual relations policy.)
  • Other activities. Equipment for basketball, ping-pong, horseshoes, etc. is located around the property. Participation in these activities is at your own risk. Please do not be alone with a member of the opposite sex while participating in these activities. (See our sexual relations policy.)
  • TV Lounges. There are separate TV lounges for males and females located in the lounge building. Use ONLY the lounge designated for your gender. Any misuse of the lounges, including being in the opposite gender's lounge, will result in the loss of lounge privileges for everyone.

  • The Plymouth House employs an Aftercare Coordinator whose job is to help find placement in residential facilities for guests needing extended care. While we cannot guarantee a bed, we will make every effort to place our guests in houses that are proximate to the greater Plymouth House community.
  • The Aftercare Coordinator will work with you to set up phone or face-to-face interviews for placement. We will provide transportation for interviews, in most cases for a fee.
  • You are responsible for any fees associated with the aftercare interview or admission process.
  • If you are interested in aftercare, please discuss it with your contact person first.

  • Should a guest be discharged from The Plymouth House for any reason (using, sexual misconduct, etc.), he/she forfeits the balance of any remaining fees.
  • Should a guest be discharged for any reason, The Plymouth House waives any and all responsibilities towards that guest.

  • Everyone has the right to anonymity while a guest at The Plymouth House. Do not disclose to anyone outside of The Plymouth House the name or background of any guest.
  • Cameras are prohibited for reasons of confidentiality.
  • We employ the use of security cameras for the safety of our guests. Cameras are located in public areas only. Video or pictures from these cameras will be viewed by staff only.

  • Once a discharge date has been determined, an appointment will be made on that date for you to check out of your room, receive any belongings and medications The Plymouth House is holding, and receive your discharge letters and paperwork.
  • Your discharge paperwork will include a letter stating the dates you were here and your successful completion of the program.
  • The Plymouth House will provide you with meeting lists and contact information within the geographic area where you will be residing after your stay here. We will also provide contact information regarding Plymouth House alumni or friends who can assist you with your step work and transition.
  • Within the first few weeks of being discharged, you will receive a questionnaire from our staff. We ask that you take a few minutes to provide us with feedback on your experience at The Plymouth House. Your input is GREATLY appreciated.
  • After completing the program in good standing, you will be welcomed back to all of our weekly and yearly alumni events. Please call us if you are planning a visit. We would LOVE to see you!

  • Casual, comfortable clothes are appropriate attire at The Plymouth House.
  • Hats are not allowed at mealtime.
  • Women need to be aware that clothing that exposes midriff or too much cleavage is not permitted.
  • Leggings are not considered pants at The Plymouth House. They must be worn with something that covers women to the mid-thigh.

  • If we lose power, please report to the fireplace room located in the main barn for further instructions.
  • In case of a fire alarm, please exit the building immediately and proceed to the front parking lot for further instructions.
  • In case of a fire, please pull a fire alarm. Red pull handles are located at all exits and stairwells. Please DO NOT try and put out the fire yourself.
  • If there is a medical emergency, please have someone find a staff person and call 9-911 from any of the phones located in and around The Plymouth House.

  • We encourage your family to be involved in your recovery. Please direct your family members to contact your assigned staff person with any questions or concerns they may have.
  • On a weekly basis we offer a family meeting during Saturday visitation hours. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss the program, progress, Q & A and the future.

  • Laundry facilities are located in the main barn.
  • The cost is $1.25/wash or dry and machines take quarters only. We can make change in the main office during office hours. We provide laundry detergent free of charge.

  • While you signed up for a two-week stay upon intake, most guests require additional time. If you wish to extend your stay, you must let your contact person know three days before your tentative discharge date; otherwise, your bed cannot be guaranteed.
  • At that time, the staff will conduct a review to ensure that extension is in the best interest of you and your family, and that your behavior and effort warrant the privilege of an extension.
  • Also at that time, you will be required to make financial arrangements for your extension.

  • You may post outgoing mail from the main office during office hours. We sell postage stamps if needed.
  • All incoming mail and packages may be picked up in the main office. All mail will be inspected and opened in front of a staff member.

  • Attendance and times. Meals are served in the dining room located in the main barn. Breakfast is served from 6:30am-8:15am and is optional. Lunch is served at 12:00pm and dinner is served at 5:30pm. You are required to attend both lunch and dinner.
  • Procedure. When all guests are counted and seated, a staff person will make any necessary announcements, read a prayer, and ask for a moment of silence. The staff will then call tables for serving.
  • Menu posting/Dietary needs/Alternatives. Our chef will post the menu daily in the dining room. If you have any concerns, please let our kitchen staff know. If you have food allergies and/or special dietary requirements, please let the office staff and kitchen staff know so we can best serve your needs.
  • Etiquette. We ask that you please take a reasonable amount of food on your first trip through the serving line. You may always come back for more after everyone has passed through the line. For everyone's comfort, we ask that you stay seated with your table for at least 20 minutes, even if you are finished with your meal.

  • If there is a medical emergency, please call 9-911 from the closest phone and seek out a staff member immediately.
  • If you are having a medical issue that is not an emergency, please let the main office know during office hours so that we can transport you to the local emergency room.
  • Please be aware that you will NOT be able to return to the program if you take any non-approved medications at the ER (including but not limited to benzodiazepines and opiates).
  • If you are having a dental issue, please let the main office know during office hours in order to schedule an appointment with a local dentist.

  • All medications (including vitamins, pain relievers, etc.) need to be held at the main office. We will dispense medications at the times listed on your daily schedule.
  • You must take your medications as prescribed by your doctor. If you wish to change dosage or frequency, you must obtain written permission from your doctor.

  • Your attendance at all Plymouth House meetings is required unless noted optional on the daily schedule. If you cannot attend a group meeting for personal or health problems, please report it to the main office and let a staff person know.
  • Please come to group meeting five minutes before it is scheduled and be prepared to be present and seated for at least an hour.
  • We ask that you refrain from behavior that may be distracting to other guests (sleeping, reading, writing, etc.).
  • We ask that you refrain from speaking at outside AA meetings.
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco and eating are NOT allowed during meetings.
  • Please be considerate of other guests and staff and treat the facility and its furnishings with respect.
  • Aggressive or violent behavior will not be tolerated, nor will profanity or disrespect to others regarding race, gender, ethnic or cultural issues.
  • Please be especially considerate of other guests while traveling in Plymouth House vehicles.

  • At 11:30pm, all buildings will be locked and the facility shut down. You are expected to be in your room at 11:30pm.
  • Guests may smoke after 11:30pm. Men may smoke on the porch facing the barn. Both men and women may smoke only on the porch directly outside his/her room and return to the room when finished.
  • Please no "hanging out." Being anywhere except your room or the porch outside your room after 11:30pm is grounds for immediate discharge.
  • If there is an emergency, find the nearest monitor, who will then contact the PM staff to assist you. The three doors that provide exit from the 2nd floor porch are alarmed after 11:30pm. These alarms will sound if those doors are opened between 11:30pm and 6:45am.

  • Who's allowed? Only people assigned to your room are allowed in your room. There are no exceptions. This rule also applies on visitation day.
  • Food/Beverages. No food or beverages with the exception of water are allowed in your room. Each guest has a storage cubby in the dining room to store all snacks, soda, etc.
  • Damage. Please treat the rooms with respect. If damage does occur in your room, please let staff know immediately. If it is caused by normal wear and tear, you will not be liable. Otherwise, you will be financially responsible for damage to your room discovered by staff.
  • Temperature. There are no thermostats located in guest rooms and common areas. If you need the temperature adjusted, please inform a staff person in the main office.
  • Leaving room. Upon leaving your room in the morning, please shut off all lights, open windows in warm weather, and open shades to let light in.
  • Chores. Each guest is responsible for one or two general chores each day. Chores may range from washing dishes to emptying trash. Please check the chore list located in the dining room daily for your assigned chore and its description. If you have questions about an assigned chore, please ask a monitor for assistance.

  • Sexual relations or exclusive relationships are a distraction to you and others from our main purpose at The Plymouth House and will not be allowed.
  • Failure to follow this policy will result in discharge.

  • If you need spending money, The Plymouth House conducts an ATM run on Thursday afternoons. We cannot cash checks or accommodate cash advances.
  • You may ask a family member to mail a small amount of cash in a greeting card as an alternative.

  • The Plymouth House conducts store runs on Monday and Friday afternoons. Store run is an opportunity for you to purchase items such as cigarettes & toiletries.
  • Envelopes for store run requests are located in the fireplace room in the main barn.
  • Please write on the envelope your name, the requested items, and amount enclosed.
  • Please put enough money in the envelope to cover the cost of the items listed and give to the designated monitor.
  • The monitor will return the envelope to you with your receipt and change along with the items you requested.
  • Medications for purchase first need staff approval (cold medicines, etc.).
  • Please note that certain items are not allowed: candles/incense, cameras, radios (we make exceptions for personal audio-ONLY-players such as Walkman), energy drinks, creatine (body-building supplements and diet supplements), pornography (including magazines such as Maxim), items containing alcohol (perfume, mouthwash, etc.), condoms, and scratch tickets.

  • Guest phones are located in the lounge building. There are separate phones for males and females.
  • We ask that you limit your phone usage to two ten-minute calls per day.
  • Phone times and numbers are listed on the card in your guest folder.
  • Please conduct yourself appropriately while using the telephone. Inappropriate behavior or abuse of phone times will result in the loss of phone privileges.
  • The use of office phones are by appointment only. Medical or legal issues and aftercare interviews are considered appropriate reasons to use an office phone and may be coordinated with your contact person.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited at The Plymouth House.

  • If you drove yourself to The Plymouth House, you will not be allowed into your vehicle for the duration of your stay. We will hold the keys in the main office.
  • We will provide transportation to the bus station in Concord, NH and the airport in Manchester, NH for your arrival and departure. Transportation for special needs such as medical or legal issues must be arranged with family members.

  • The use of any illicit or proscribed substance is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate discharge.
  • Since we have an obligation to ensure the safety of our guests, even reasonable suspicion is grounds for discharge.
  • Conspiring to obtain or transport any illicit or proscribed substance into The Plymouth House will also result in discharge.
  • Taking unapproved medications or illegal substances outside of The Plymouth House and returning is also grounds for discharge.
  • Any guest who fails to report misconduct on the part of another guest will also be held accountable and will be subject to discharge.

  • If you have valuables, we recommend having The Plymouth House hold them in a safe at the main office; we are not responsible for lost or stolen property.

  • Visitation is on Saturdays from 1pm-5pm. We ask that you limit your visitors to family and those instrumental in your recovery.
  • Plymouth House guests are responsible for filling out visitation request slips for each person they wish to visit.
  • Visitation request slips may be found in the main office. They must be submitted to the main office by Thursday evening for Friday review. All visitors must be approved before Saturday!
  • All visitors must sign in at the main office at arrival and departure.
  • Visitors may bring dogs but they must be leashed and well-mannered.
  • Any items visitors bring to guests must first be inspected and approved by staff.
  • No visitors are allowed in the guests' rooms or lounges.
  • No guests are allowed in the visitors' parking area or inside visitors' vehicles.

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