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The Plymouth House is a retreat dedicated to teaching the life-changing principles and practices of the Twelve Steps while offering a safe and healthy environment for recovery from addiction. The Twelve Steps has helped millions to overcome their addictions, remain sober, and enjoy full, productive lives.

At The Plymouth House, you will be fully immersed in the Twelve Steps, the best known and most consistently effective model for the successful treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. The AA Big Book is required reading for everyone in our program. In addition to Step Work, our curriculum includes a variety of educational groups and attendance at AA and NA meetings. Opportunities for exercise and relaxation include hiking, and workshops in yoga and meditation.

The Plymouth House staff consists of seasoned Twelve Step practitioners who have many years of collective experience in successfully overcoming addiction. We are men and women who have been there ourselves, and have fully recovered from the disease of alcohol and drug addiction.

  • Learn about and become part of the recovery community.
  • Learn about the Twelve Steps ￿ the principles and practices developed by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Move rapidly and confidently into Twelve Step recovery.
Although we are a retreat teaching the Twelve Steps, The Plymouth House is not affiliated with Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous.

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