Our experience over 15 years is that nearly every guest of the Plymouth House should strongly consider sober living upon leaving our program. While we have referral relationships with several highly-regarded and vetted sober houses in New England to which we refer guests, we also offer guests the opportunity to be a part of The Plymouth House Sober Care program.

Our Sober Care facilities in Maine and New Hampshire are offered by Invitation Only to guests who have successfully completed their work at The Plymouth House and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

This program offers a rigorous, practical program of aftercare in a highly structured environment for guests that have successfully completed their stay at The Plymouth House.

Guests are fully immersed in the first 7 steps during their stay at the Plymouth House. In Plymouth House Sober Care, residents will be assigned a Staff Contact and begin to work steps 8-12. Sober Care is an extension of the Plymouth House guided by the same principles and specifically designed to prepare our guests for success when they move on to the greater independence of sober living.

For more information regarding Plymouth House Sober Care please contact our Admission Team at (800) 428-8459.

The Plymouth House saved my son’s life. The impact is miraculous and it’s because of the people that run the organization. What occurs is spiritual and the change is radical in the people that go to the Plymouth House.

Todd G. (parent)

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